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We develop a number of sales, quotation, inventory, CRM and insurance products, which are primarily java-based and run online. All programs require user accounts and passwords and use industry standard encryption. The programs can run standalone or over private networks. Our clients include manufacturing and services.

Product List
Quotation (Sales, Pricing and Quote Log)
CRM (Contact Management)
MGA Services (Brokers and Clients)
UL Illustration (Insurance)

Java Web-Based
No Software to Install
A Pleasure to Use
We love Java, and these programs are designed to run whereever Java runs. Our J2ME specification software runs on the new Java enabled mobile phones and PDAs. That's right: QuoteSoftware.com allows 24-hour access to your data from literally anywhere at anytime. Our online software runs in a web browser over the Internet and private networks, which means there is no software installation required. This unique feature eliminates software administration and saves our customers time and money. Our goal has always been to make software so productive and easy to work with that it is a pleasure to use; and we ask that you challenge us on that. If our customers see a way to make the software more clear, we want to know about it. While we naturally provide software user manuals, the systems are programmed so that you will never need them.