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Different versions of our softwares perform different tasks. Some engage in detailed pricing, others in simple quote logging and management and others in printing quotes. Typically, we integrate a variation of CRM. We take our repository of functionality and make customized programs for the specific ways in which our clients do business. And we do this in an extraordinarily cost effective way.

We enhance the customized program with images and text that are specific to your company and its products. We integrate to [as needed] your corporation's website from our software. Don't have a website yet? No problem: we'll make one for you.

QuoteSoftware.com systems may be run online or downloaded from your website by clients, representatives, and sales staff so that anyone to whom you alot permission can generate, view and manage sales quotes 24/7, even outside of the office. We can protect both the internet download site and the quotation program itself with password security.

What does all this mean? It means that all your staff are running the same numbers, safely held within your customized quotation software. Mathematical mistakes are eliminated, and sales staff simply cannot quote items that the company cannot deliver. Overall, our software allows your sales staff to increase their organization and operate quickly.

You can give your sales team an edge, as our software allows the inclusion of corporate images, logos and text - great for advertising and building corporate loyalty.

As you peruse the following information about our quotation software, think about how it might be changed to meet your needs! We'll start with a base system and customize it to how you do business. For more information please give us a call (see contact info).

Please see our product PDF for more detailed information about this product.

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