Winter 2012: We are in the process of releasing major updates to our pump quotation system and separately our collection software. We are on schedule to release these updates this winter.

Specialization in Sales Quotation and Estimating software

  • Who we are: a complete solution provider for streamlining your sales and quotation processes.
  • What we provide: software that performs sizing, estimation, selection, and pricing of your products. The system prints quotes, work orders, invoices and reports for accounting purposes. Our systems work online, over networks and standalone.
  • Customized solutions: we use our base software product to develop a custom quotation / invoicing software solution specific to how you do business.
  • How we work: we first understand our customer's needs and then develop software to best meet those needs.
  • Specifically: once a product model number(s) is determined, the configurator-module generates the BOM; optionally, the quotation and BOMs can be uploaded to your ERP system via SQL-JDBC or SQL-ODBC connection as a sales order.
  • When and where we came to be: began in 1994, specializing in quote and invoice software. We have implemented complete quotation / estimating software solutions in the USA, Canada, Europe and Asia.

click image to view more provides enterprise tools and solutions for the areas of quotation, bid and proposal generation and management. Our system saves our customers significant man hours specifying and selecting complex products as part of building the quote through a point-n-click process. Our system allows you to edit and modify previously issued quotes, allowingyour sales staff to respond more quickly to customer--requested changes. Our software eliminates human error from your quote / estimation process and automatically calculates pricing based on materials, sizes, and features.

We also provide consultation around the visual appearance of your quotations. We have years of experience making quotes look great and we can often make your quotes look even better. One of the ways we do this is by ensuring a consistent theme from start to finish, placing logos and images in the appropriate places and automatic selection and insertion of drawings (autocad, mechanical, etc.).

Quotations are output using the industry standard portable document format (PDF), which is readily emailed or faxed with a click of a button. This saves time by eliminating the need to courier the quote to the customer.

Customer Relationship Management:

Customer relationship management software (CRM) plays an important role between the customer and the supplier: lead generation, communication, order-taking and quote generation. Our focus is quotation generation: however, we offer some integrated CRM features, and we are always expanding our CRM offerings.

Quote Software System Benefits:

  • full generation of quotes frequently involving complex engineering mathematics. Features include sizing, specifications and, automatic selection and insertion of drawings
  • portable document format (PDF) output
  • documented and tracked client communication history, as it pertains to the quotation and estimation process
  • profit increases resulting from faster and more accurate responses to client quote requests
  • generates are quote, work order and invoice documents
  • generates quote and statistics summary reports